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Everyone here is amazing! They provide excellent and positive customer service.
Tonya M - Allentown - Hamilton St
I am very grateful that the staff helped me strengthen my legs and helped me improve my ability to walk!
Jocelyn W. - Allentown - Hamilton St
I would change nothing—staff was professional, courteous, and knowledgeable.
Alexander L. - Allentown - Hamilton St
Pam was always sweet and helpful and the mobilizations that Jesse did on my neck always helped with the pain!
Danielle H> - Allentown - Hamilton St
I found it helpful when we discuss the connections between my therapy exercises and my injury. My therapist went over why the exercises helped!
Kate S. - Allentown - Tilghman St
My therapist Patrick is very knowledgeable, friendly, and he understands my limitations. He is going to help me reach my goals!
Mark E. - Allentown - Tilghman St
I would highly recommend the Tilghman Street therapy team to anyone that needs OT or PT. Definitely a great team!
Carol - Allentown - Tilghman St
I never believed in therapy until this experience—great therapists and great facility. Everyone was friendly and personable!
Joann S. - Allentown - Tilghman St
Patrick's professional approach and expertise put me at ease and I knew that I was in the right place! He was meticulous as he recorded my progress and led me through the therapy - he is the best!
R.W. - Allentown - Tilghman St
Jill worked most closely with me and was fantastic, gentle, thorough and skillful. The whole staff was welcoming.
Dorothy B. - Allentown - West End Medical Center
I was very satisfied with the facility and therapy. Steve was always happy to answer all of my questions and give good explanations.
Lisa S. - Allentown - West End Medical Center
Steve is simply amazing! Both my daughter and I have utilized his expertise - thank you for your kindness and professionalism!
Amy H. - Allentown - West End Medical Center
Steve is an outstanding PT - he corrected my problem and helped me establish a pattern for addressing my TMJ and vertigo issues!
Amy H. - Allentown - West End Medical Center
Val and Jeremy were tremendous! Professional, friendly, welcoming, and very knowledgeable!
- Bath
Jessica was excellent and very patient with me, she took her time and explained things in a way I could understand.
Stuart W. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue
I was skeptical about doing therapy, glad I did! I feel like a new me and I got my life back! They made me feel like it’s my second home.
Brenda R. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue
Your staff, facilities, and parking are all what any patient would want!
Dorothy B. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue
I loved my experience at therapy. It helped me so much through such an awful time in my life. They helped me understand my capabilities and get better!
Maria R. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue
Briana helped me get my memory and cognition back! She also got me to the correct doctors!
Jeff B. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue
I had a great experience! Jess was great - I don't know where I would be without her! I am sad to leave, but happy to move on.
Jess M. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue
This is a pleasant facility to come to for therapy. Everyone was so helpful! Thanks to my therapist I am where I am today. I came a long way!
Paulette B. - Bethlehem - Illicks Mill
I was impressed by the amount of patience the staff offered when working with my 5-year-old son. Also, the administrative staff were incredibly accommodating to my flexible schedule and helpful with offering crafts for my other kids while we waited!
Meghan B. - Bethlehem - Illicks Mill
Tom and the entire staff were wonderful! They always took the time to answer questions and made my PT experience pleasant.
Matt S. - Bethlehem - Illicks Mill
Matt was my primary therapist, he and all the staff were excellent!
Richard C. - Bethlehem - Illicks Mill
Both Jenna and Heather made me feel comfortable while in pain and at ease when I progressed. I thank all connected with this facility!
Valerie V. - Bethlehem - Illicks Mill
When I came to this office I was unable to move my arm and now, I can move it amazingly well and it feels great! This office has made a significant impact on my life and how well I function with my arm! I could not have gotten through this process without this office.
Susan G. - Bethlehem - Sports Medicine and Rehab Center
My energy for therapy was nonexistent. Chris understood that and his positive energy was the only thing that kept me going when it got hard!
Priscilla C. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Thank you to all of the wonderful staff and therapists who have worked with my children over the last couple of years. My children have improved and it's because of everyone's hard work and dedication!
Jevelin B. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
St. Luke’s is so very fortunate to have Jeff, Darryl and your many wonderful staff members! We spent 3 months in therapy, 2 times a week, and we will be the next advocates for these fine gentlemen.
Floyd & Kay O. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Sharon was excellent, very knowledgeable, patient and kind. She went over and beyond!
Regina Y. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
I was very pleased with the treatment I received there. I would recommend the facility and also Sharon for her kind and deep concern and for being so thorough.
Frank M. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
I was very pleased with my overall experience here. I never had to wait more than 5 minutes for my visits. Both Joan and Beth were wonderful!
Diane H. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Miss Jenn was great! She had a wonderful relationship with my son.
Anynomous - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Patricia is great! I definitely saw improvement in my son's speech. She always takes the time after the session to explain what they worked on, his progress, and what he could practice on at home!
Larry N. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
I was very happy with Sharon and my experience here. I have recommended her and St. Luke's North to numerous people. If I need any help again, I will not hesitate to come back here!
Paula H. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
If it wasn’t for Robyn, my son would not being enjoying life the way he is supposed to. Thanks for everything!
Sandy C. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Rachel and Stephanie have both done amazing work with my son. Thank you for helping him find his words!
Rachel P. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Nancy explained the audiology procedure which was very good!
Lois P - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Everyone was remarkably friendly, courteous, and experienced.
Anonymous - Bethlehem Township
Appointment times were great, staff was excellent, I cannot think of anything that needs improvement!
Sharon W. - Bethlehem Township
Excellent care, friendly and professional staff. Eric was personable, knowledgeable, efficient, and taught me the exercises.
Anonymous - Bethlehem Township
Eric Kennedy was a great fit for me. He explained everything and answered all of my questions!
S.R. - Bethlehem Township
Brianna and Mariellen put me through my paces on all of the exercises to the point that I made more progress than I expected after 5 hip surgeries! What was so unique was all of the hands-on care that I received - I have never had that much before. The massage, manipulation, the Tens unit, and the heat made a big difference to me!
Jean K. - Center Valley
I have never had any times where I was not accommodated- they’re always willing to take the time to meet any needs!
Cathie W. - Center Valley
I am truly thankful that I came to Brian for my PT. He helped with the pain in my foot! I left PT feeling 100% better and I would highly recommend Brian to anyone!
Kathy J. - Clinton
Staff addressed needs in a friendly and professional way. Most importantly I have had great improvement with the therapy given to me at this facility.
Kerry C. - Easton - Anderson Campus
Rett, Kate, and Tom were all very professional, personal, friendly and caring. They are outstanding and excellent representatives of St. Luke’s
R. K. - Easton - Anderson Campus
The facility and staff are top notch! Tom, Kate and Rett were all fabulous, I had a great experience. Thank you for helping make my hard experience manageable and fun!
Mike O. - Easton - Anderson Campus
Very pleased with the service and facility—they are on time, courteous and knowledgeable!
Carol D. - Easton - Anderson Campus
Everyone was pleasant, always had a smile, and were very welcoming. Heather was a delight to be with—she understood how my lifestyle worked with therapy.
Lori A. - Easton - Anderson Campus
Everyone was kind, thoughtful, helpful, and always in a great, uplifting spirit! No matter what kind of pain I was in I always left feeling better. Thank you!
Mae S. - Easton - Anderson Campus
I couldn’t be more satisfied—everyone was professional and caring!
WB - Easton - Anderson Campus
It was great working with Mari as she understood exactly what I was going through—that makes all the difference in the world!
Diane K. - Easton - Anderson Campus
Mari was fantastic! Because of her, I finally golfed. My drive and fairway shots were my best ever! I attribute that to my shoulder exercises which really improved my strength, which improved my game!
Pam M. - Easton - Anderson Campus
Chris Fisher did a great job and I will return to him if needed in the future!
Ian D. - Easton - Forks Township
All of the staff is knowledgeable in getting my injury back to normal. I appreciated that they listened and got my knee on the road to recovery!
Phil B. - Easton - Palmer Township
This was my first time in therapy; I was extremely pleased with everything. Thank you!
Eileen Y. - Easton - Palmer Township
I had the privilege of working with Lauren in your center. She was and is by far the best therapist in terms of her knowledge, application and assessment. Your entire staff is friendly, helpful and supportive.
Barbara P. - Easton - Palmer Township
Everyone is very cordial, Susan was especially informative. The employees are all professional and sociable.
Joseph S. - Emmaus
Matt was very professional. He explained the exercises so that I understood what was happening. I was very satisfied with the treatment from this facility and Matt.
Alice M. - Emmaus
Everything was great for me—location, scheduling, and staff!
Michael H. - Emmaus
The staff is very pleasant, Matt was very helpful, and I enjoyed my therapy at this facility.
Glynis K. - Emmaus
The staff always encourages everyone in the facility to do what they can; I will come back because of the uplifting encouragement in the room!
Susan M. - Emmaus
I had severe headaches and shoulder pain. After only a few sessions I had improved so much! It was an incredible relief. I am so pleased with this whole experience!
Emilie B. - Hellertown
My son really enjoyed Alex, he was fun with his therapy!
Anonymous - Hellertown
Everyone was most helpful at keeping us well informed as therapy progressed each week. I am very pleased wtih my results and good advice, which has been very beneficial!
Robert R. - Hellertown
Dylan was the GREATEST! After years of pain I am 99% better! He is not only knowledgeable but concerned and caring!
Joy K. - Hellertown
Lori was an exceptional physical therapist! I loved that she challenged me and individualized my therapy based on my abilities!
Bri C. - Hellertown
Every aspect of this experience has exceeded my expectations. Dylan is a wonderful professional, I felt like I was the only patient in the facility! The front desk staff was wonderful - it was very easy to make appointments. The office is wonderful - the teamwork is evident!
Jill W. - Hellertown
My therapist, Alex, was not only knowledgeable, he was also patient and personable. I know that if it was not for his dedication I would not have improved.
Lorraine C. - Hellertown
The physical therapy I received was more than words can say. Lori treated me not only as a patient but like I was family. She was able to correct my problem. I'm so grateful that she was my therapist!
Joann D. - Hellertown
You made my son's first physical therapy experience such a positive one! He looked forward to each appointment. Each session maximized time and provided him with helpful exercises to do at home. The upbeat, positive environment created by the staff was welcoming! Thank you!
Stephanie B. - Macungie
Natalie has been a plethora of information allowing me to see exercises in a different light. She is professional, courteous, and funny!
Antonina S. - Macungie
I feel I would not have made any progress without Jeff's manipulation of my frozen shoulder! He is very knowledgeable, professional, and personable. My condition required so many appointments, Jeff started to feel like family.
Kathleen G. - Macungie
Not only is Natalie very personable, but she is extremely knowledgeable. As she is performing therapy, she is teaching and explaining the reason for what she's doing.
Susan D. - Macungie
Jeff was amazing! He continually asked for my input into my therapy regime and has the utmost concern for my comfort!
Donna H. - Macungie
Jeff made my physical therapy a great experience! He was very professional, courteous, and hardworking! He definitely improved my back!
Tina D. - Macungie
Love everyone on staff, I have used Jeff for multiple experiences!
Jennifer B - Macungie
Employees are friendly with thorough explanations and questions!
Ruthann N. - Nazareth
I spent a year of PT, three days a week, at the Nazareth office after sustaining a broken neck from a major auto accident. The staff of Seth, Lauren, and Ashley were a perfect combination. Their help and personal concern for me was both material to my well-being and mentally uplifting. I can now move my neck - which I was unable to do. A five-star rating is overwhelmingly deserved.
William M. - Nazareth
I was incredibly pleased with the attention that was paid to me! I had had previous therapy with another office and they did not pay me any attention. Nazareth is great!
Maryann S. - Nazareth
Marcus and Cathy were both exceptional. Thank you for assisting me both before my surgery and during my recovery process!
Kelsey P. - Northampton
Nikol and Cathy were great! Everyone was so helpful to help me reach my goal of strengthening my knee.
Martha W. - Northampton
Nick and his entire staff is very accommodating and knowledgeable.
Anonymous - Orefield
Gail was wonderful - my husband and I liked Nick a lot! My husband feels 90% better and I feel 95% better! Everyone was polite and friendly. I've been to other physical therapy offices and I have to say this one was the best!
Deb C. - Orefield
My husband feels 90% better and I am 95% better after treatment at this office! Everyone was polite and friendly. I've been to other physical therapy offices and I have to say this one was the best!
Deb C. - Orefield
Ryan helped me recover so quickly that I can go back to work sooner than the doctor's thought I would!
Doris J. - Pennsburg
Both Ethan and Molly are excellent therapists—they stayed with me, one-on-one, each visit.
JJ - Phillipsburg - Balance and Concussion Center
Ethan was great! He explained my diagnosis and helped my vertigo and dizziness. He was patient, very thorough, and great at his craft. He cares about his patients and makes PT a good experience!
Renee - Phillipsburg - Balance and Concussion Center
The schedule was so accommodating! Evening hours were great, so I didn't have to lose time from work!
Joseph D. - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
I am so thankful for the tremendous care and help I received for my neck pain! I have not felt this good in quite some time! Andrew and Bob were fantastic - I can't thank them enough for the treatment!
Rachael L. - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
Ashley was patient and always mindful of my pain level and adjusted her therapy as necessary! She always made me feel good about my progress and pointed it out to me!
Jaime F. - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
Mike was very knowledgeable and friendly. My daughter immediately felt comfortable with him and looked forward to seeing him every week. She always had fun coming to speech!
- Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
Katie was so wonderful. She worked so hard and I am better able to manage my pain - I am very grateful!
Lori O. - Quakertown
Joel was great. I was pretty discouraged coming into therapy but I left feeling very happy with where I am with my arm. The therapy I received made me feel so much better!
Christie S. - Quakertown
Robyn was amazing with my daughter! This is a great facility and staff truly care about their patients.
Sarah R. - Quakertown
I was very satisfied with everything in Quakertown. The expertise of my therapist, Tricia, was exceptional!
Karen H. - Quakertown
Katie explained and taught each exercise. I felt very comfortable.
Shirley S. - Quakertown
Everyone is very professional. I always felt so welcomed. They care about my goals and helped me reach them. Thank you very much for all of your help!
Ken H. - Quakertown
Katie worked with me on my difficult schedule, giving me home exercises when I could not be there. She has a warm and engaging personality while maintaining the utmost professionalism.
Kathleen P. - Quakertown
Katie was professional and very knowledgeable! She truly cares for her patients and loves her job. The care and compassion I received was wonderful. The staff is friendly, including the girls at the front desk! The facility is clean, well equipped, and scheduling was easy!
Eileen B. - Quakertown
I had a traumatic brain injury and MS - but Katie was so understanding! She spoke slowly enough and showed me each exercise so that I could absorb it correctly. Katie was kind and compassionate!
Lois A. - Quakertown
My therapist was very knowledgeable and successful with me the times I was doing PT. I would highly recommend this office - all of the staff and therapists were great! The atmosphere was joyful, relaxing, and friendly!
Bonnie C. - Quakertown
It was so nice to be welcomed every visit and to be called by name by my therapist. Katie made me feel like I was important and getting me back to be able to do things without pain was vital.
N.S. - Quakertown
Francis is a gem! He is very thorough, conscientious, concerned, and a pleasure to work with!
Richard C. - Stroudsburg
Greg and Linda gave me the quality time I needed to get better. I was treated like a person, not just a patient! I loved the friendly environment!
Lisa D. - Stroudsburg
Keep doing what you’re doing! Great help! Great service in all areas. I am much better and very grateful.
Pat T. - Stroudsburg
Greg and Linda were exceptional…both technically and in their demeanor!
Michael V. - Stroudsburg
Francis, Linda, and Gregory were all pleasant, knowledgeable, and instrumental in helping me gain confidence with my balance.
Yvonne S. - Stroudsburg
Fran is a gem of a therapist! He is very thorough, conscientious, concerned, and a pleasure to work with!
Richard C. - Stroudsburg
The entire staff made a difference. They are caring and helpful, all the time. A patient’s well-being is their primary concern.
Thomas C. - Washington
Beth explained everything and was a wonderful therapist!
Anonymous - Wind Gap
I am very thankful that my therapist was able to get me moving despite no diagnosis from my doctor!
Christine - Wind Gap