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I never felt like a number in this room, I felt special at all times! I will miss all of the staff!
Rosemarie M. - Allentown - Hamilton St
After enduring three months of therapy at an office outside of St. Luke’s, I am so thankful for the change! This office was warm, welcoming, friendly, and accommodating
Hause - Allentown - Tilghman St
My physical therapy experience was wonderful! I am so sad it has ended – the staff was incredible, the schedule was accommodating, and my results were great!
Mirka K. - Allentown - Tilghman St
This was a much better experience than my previous experience outside of St. Luke’s. I can’t believe my speed of progress now!
Stephen D. - Allentown - West End Medical Center
This was an amazing experience! I can’t believe how quickly and completely my ankle improved with only 4 visits! The staff was absolutely the best and made PT an enjoyable experience.
Nancy D. - Allentown - West End Medical Center
I was very pleased with the treatment I received as well as the professional knowledge of Giovanni Stracco...the session felt more like a friend helping a friend than clinical.
Thomas H. - Allentown - West End Medical Center
My son really enjoyed PT! He progressed at a great pace – Val and Jeremy were very personable with my son. They gave us updates throughout his treatment. My daughter also started PT because of the great recommendations!
Joe T. - Bath
From the first time that I walked in I was remembered from two years prior...coming here isn't just about the therapy. You feel like they care about you and (as much as you are happy when you are released) you know you'll miss seeing them.
- Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue
(Lauren) educated me regarding my pelvic floor muscles and worked with me to strengthen them. She was friendly and encouraging. Sessions were actually enjoyable.
- Bethlehem - Illicks Mill
Lauren has helped me not only physically but emotionally as well. I had felt like there was nothing that could be done to help me, but she always remained my advocate. I don’t know what I would have done without her!
Holly D. - Bethlehem - Illicks Mill
I have been through PT several times for various running injuries and this was honestly the most productive experience with PT I’ve ever had! I truly believe it’s in large part due to Heather and Jenna. They are amazing!
Caroline M. - Bethlehem - Illicks Mill
Everyone is so friendly! Physical Therapy was enjoyable because of the awesome therapists. I would recommend it, 10/10 every time. Thank you for everything.
Lilia - Bethlehem - Illick's Mill
Excellent team of professional, pleasant therapists who seem to sincerely care about every individual's progress...
Winifred - Bethlehem - Illick's Mill
Everyone here is so friendly – they get to know you as a person, not just a patient. They formulate their treatments around your goals. Appointments are easy to make and the facility is well stocked with the best equipment!
Carol M. - Bethlehem - Sports Medicine and Rehab Center
Sharon is a very caring, committed therapist in the treatment of lymphedema and therapy for knee replacements. I almost gave up hope with the swelling in my leg, but as I was receiving treatment it was a miracle how the swelling was going down! She is also friendly and a good teacher about the lymphatic system!
Wilbur Z. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
I was extremely pleased with the level of care Sharon and Val provided. When I was first referred to physical therapy for my dizziness and balance, I really didn’t think it would help. Sharon and Val, however, worked with me and I feel so much better. I am happy I stuck with the PT!
S.S. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Out of all of the healthcare providers we have seen for our twins’ feeding difficulties, Kelly made the largest impact. She fit us in for evaluations for both kids quickly and was able to immediately help us. At appointments with the twins’ physicians, they all made comments in regards to how much of an asset Kelly is! She is the biggest reason I was able to return to work when I did as she helped teach me how to feed the twins safely!
Jill E. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Chris and Josi were very knowledgeable about my symptoms and how to manage them. All of the instructions were clearly communicated and demonstrated! They were focused and worked well together to help me improve!
Suzanne C. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
Hillary and her team explained the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of each exercise, and ways to integrate into daily activities that will help prevent future occurrence of injury to the same area! They were attentive and made sure the exercises were done correctly and patiently answered all of my questions!
Tina H. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
I have been very pleased with the care my daughter has received. The therapists have so much patience and show genuine interest in her progress...they have offered encouragement and reassurance when it seems as though her skills have plateaued or regressed.
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North
The Lehigh Valley needs more pediatric rehab groups like this one. Thank you for being such an integral part of our son's development.
Elizabeth - Bethlehem - St Lukes North
This was an excellent experience! The therapists were so knowledgeable and patient with me and my progress – they helped me with everything, including new pain along the way!
Beth P. - Bethlehem Township
I returned to playing soccer in THREE months when my doctor told me it would take a year!
Juan G. - Bethlehem Township
Matt listened to me and adjusted my PT to match my pain. He made suggestions to my referring physician and the treatment plan worked! After almost 10 months of pain, I am pain free in less than 8 weeks!
Dawn B. - Center Valley
Everyone here has helped me! I worked with William for my back and Jessy and Heather for my hand – they were all fantastic! I have recommended this therapy location to many people and will continue to do so!
Frank Y. - Easton - Anderson Campus
Everything was absolutely perfect. All the staff are wonderful. I truly don't know how to thank Mari enough; she gave me my life back.
- Easton - Anderson Campus
..I look forward to coming to my weekly appointment where I know I will leave feeling better and with a smile on my face.
- Easton - Forks Township
Hannah may have saved my life by recognizing I was in distress after my surgery. I went to the ER based on her suggestion. It turned out that I had two pulmonary embolisms! I can’t thank her enough – her knowledge and empathy saved my life. Her PT knowledge and skills are amazing – I feel 100% better!
Francis M. - Easton - Forks Township
My therapist exuded competency! That, combined with her attentiveness, personality, and obvious passion for her work make her an exceptional professional!
Louis M. - Easton - Forks Township
The team in Forks is awesome! They are very knowledgeable, patient, and efficient! My frozen shoulder treatment was right on target and I was out in record time. I would recommend them to anyone who has an orthopedic problem!
Pam M. - Easton - Forks Township
The program helped me enormously! My ability to move easily, get up from sitting, balance while walking, balance on steps, and ability to maneuver around objects while walking all improved so much that I feel almost free of Parkinson’s!
Anon - Easton - Palmer Township
(Kylene) was very professional, gentle, knowledgeable, and an expert in the pelvic floor treatments I received from her...I will be sure to return for future pregnancy therapy and postpartum care
- Easton - Palmer Township
Matt is very attentive to my condition and energy level. He has been most helpful and supportive to my goals of improving balance and leg strength! I feel fortunate to have had his counsel and guidance!
Ed A. - Emmaus
Great Therapist+ Great Staff+ Great Attitudes+ Great Facility = Great Results!
- Hamburg
I was thrilled with the results achieved in a short period of time. Greg and Lauren were a pleasure to work with. The staff in general was great.
Cindy - Hellertown
We are so fortunate to have a place like this here in Hellertown! Fabulous, caring, fun staff. Beautiful landscaping to view through the large clean windows, great environment.
- Hellertown
All of the staff are extremely friendly, courteous, and compassionate! I’ve had a long ordeal with my shoulder and feel I’m part of Hellertown’s PT family after 6 months of treatment.
Marian S. - Hellertown
My experience exceeded my expectations. Greg is a great therapist along with being a great person! He made a difficult situation extremely doable! I am so thrilled about my progress and how far I’ve come – I highly recommend this facility and Greg!
Carolyn B. - Hellertown
Dylan worked very well and understood the therapy needed for improvement. He was recommended highly by my doctor and I see why! He worked with me during my sessions and listened to my concerns – he helped me!
Bob K. - Hellertown
Everyone here was very accommodating, extremely friendly, and very capable of providing quality care that addressed my issues.
Jim K - Kutztown
Everyone at St Luke's Physical Therapy was extremely nice and welcoming. Jeff was instructive, easy to talk to and seemed to genuinely care about me as a patient. I am thankful I received the help I needed to manage my lymphedema and lipedema. I highly recommend St Luke's Physical Therapy. Thank you!
Valerie R. - Macungie
I was totally impressed by the whole experience at St. Luke’s! It made my recovery so positive – everyone in Macungie was professional, friendly, and helpful! I would highly recommend this office!
Nancy H. - Macungie
It is difficult to put into words how helpful my time here has been. I am very optimistic about my fitness! The things that set the Orefield office apart are Nick’s expertise, the staff courtesy, professionalism, and friendliness.
Cassandra F. - Orefield
Scheduling was always done to accommodate me – and with a smile! Nick was excellent in his recommendations for my specific needs. Gail was outstanding to work with and helped ease my knee and hip pain!
Jackie M. - Orefield
Everyone at therapy on 309 was great from the receptionist to the therapist. Very nice team.
Jena H - Orefield
All aspects of my experience here have met or exceeded my expectations! It was convenient and helpful and I felt like I was making progress all of the time!
Emily B. - Pennsburg
All my sessions were great – even the ones that left me with bad migraines. My therapist worked me hard, and it paid off! I have more confidence, I am feeling more energetic, and it was the first time in 20 years that I went without headaches for a couple of days!
Carol S. - Phillipsburg - Balance and Concussion Center
Vanessa was the most enthusiastic and positive therapist I have ever met! Her knowledge of muscles and ways to improve my functionality and comfort were beyond expectations
Anon - Phillipsburg - Balance and Concussion Center
OT was a very easy and accommodating experience for my son! Natalie could not have been more wonderful and supportive to him! She brought him a long way from the start of OT – I could not be more appreciative of everything she accomplished with him!
Bryanna K. - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
My audiologist, Jennifer, was professional, explained every part of the test as she went along, and she was enthusiastic when she explained the results! She made me feel welcome and comfortable!
Jessica P. - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
Karen is not only pleasant but her knowledge, care, and concern shine through. She is caring and sensitive to my needs – the best OT anyone would be lucky to have in their rehabilitative care!
Veronica T. - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
My previous experience with PT make me dread starting – but this experience was so far superior that it has changed my attitude!
Lynn K. - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
Ashley showed genuine excitement when I progressed! She listened to all of my concerns regarding my progress and made sure I was comfortable and that I understood my exercises. She helped me achieve a level of no pain after being in pain and on medication for three months!
Beth N. - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest
I improved so much, I am now more flexible! JoAnn helped me to improve my step and made me feel 10-15 years younger!
Anon - Quakertown
Joel went straight to the problem and cured me without doing things that didn’t matter! He was very to the point – and I feel better!
Dorothy B. - Quakertown
I have been to many PT facilities in the past, and Physical Therapy at St. Luke’s in Quakertown has far exceeded any of my previous experiences! My therapist, JoAnn, has been very helpful using a wide variety of techniques. She has been professional yet compassionate in my prep for hip surgery!
Leslie H. - Quakertown
I have no real suggestions. I applaud your professionalism and caring. Joel is the best PT I have had. He listens and pushes the patient to strive for the best; also when I was struggling he listened and adjusted PT. Staff here is so kind.
Nancy H. - Quakertown
The atmosphere is really uplifting. I worked with wonderful physical therapists that were very helpful and inspiring.
Sheila B. - Stroudsburg
I have tried acupuncture and physical therapy with no relief! Mike introduced me to the RedCord system. It has helped tremendously with the pain in my leg and back and made me stronger! Mike challenges you while giving you confidence and praise!
Sandra M. - Washington
I had a wonderful experience at this facility. I had been at a different office outside of St. Luke’s in the past with the same injury and didn’t see and feel results as quickly as I did here. My therapy was mostly on the RedCord table and I felt better and could move my shoulder without pain quickly!
Angela D. - Washington
I’ve had lower back pain for years. I’ve tried different types of medication, steroid shots, and more. RedCord is the only thing that has really worked for me. My back pain is going away and I’m feeling much better since I started here only four weeks ago! I highly recommend Mike and this office!
Raymond P. - Washington
We are very pleased with the way things are. Therapists have been great with my child and took her time to understand my child and his needs.
- Whitehall Pediatrics
What an excellent team! Everyone is very positive and helps you achieve your goals! This is a very upbeat and friendly group! I know I will be back – hopefully not too soon though!
Jen L. - Wind Gap
Beth was amazing! She challenged me and I can function again! She was encouraging and passionate – I’m even sending my mother to see her for vestibular therapy!
Tina F. - Wind Gap