Goals and Facilities

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What are the goals of the program?
  1. Foster an environment that facilitates and accelerates therapists to attain the highest level of care through knowledge and use of advanced evidence-based clinical skills and to ensure successful completion of ABPTS orthopaedic clinical specialist exam.
  2. Foster an environment to maximize clinical proficiency with clinical decision-making and psychomotor skills.
  3. To develop leaders in the field who help bridge the gaps between practice patterns utilizing EBP and enhance interdisciplinary collaboration to improve patient outcomes and spread awareness of evidence-based orthopaedic physical therapist practice.
  4. Enhance the field of physical therapy by providing future clinical educators and researchers. 


Residents perform rotations throughout the St. Luke's University Health Network, a 6–hospital, regional medical health network. Outpatient, longitudinal care is provided at one of the Physical Therapy at St Luke's clinics throughout the Lehigh Valley. The orthopaedic physical therapy residency uses ReDoc electronic health record and FOTO software for clinical outcomes. Academic lectures and labs are held every Thursday morning (See Academic Calendar for details). The impressive medical library has research and small group study rooms and access to a vast number of online and physical resources.