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What makes this program special? The weekly mentoring, lectures, labs, and interdisciplinary work. I don't feel that other residency programs are able to provide as many hands-on or first-hand experiences as this program.
Andrew Feher - Resident 2015 - Allentown - West Tilghman
The multiple mentoring experiences and clinicians that assist are a unique aspect. I think it's much better than having one single point of allows [residents] to see the best aspects of each person's practice to create their own hybrid program.
Alex Harris - Resident 2015 - Easton - Anderson Campus
What I liked the best about the residency program was having 3 different mentors...I didn't end up a clone of a single person. Each week we had lectures, which I liked better than having a "Residency Week" such as other programs are set up.
Jesse Buggey - Resident 2013 - Emmaus
I think that the amount of OCS clinicians and the size of this health network was a big thing. The other residencies that I looked at were through a University which was different in their set up. The start time is unique - the timing of this goes well to help ensure that you continue with studying and everything is more fresh.
Alison Frantz - Resident 2014 - Hellertown
This residency program is unique as it is in-house, has multiple mentors, only a few weekend commitments, designated mentor hours, getting the credentialed CI certification as well as having student flexibility depending on how things are going. The fact that we are able to interact with most of the referring physicians is also unique.
Andrue Bergmooser - Resident 2015 - Hellertown