Healthy You- Tips for Staying Hydrated

At PT@St.Luke’s, we’re dedicated to providing you with the tips you need to live your healthiest life both inside and outside of the clinic.

You know the symptoms. Dry skin. Dizziness. Fatigue. Dark urine. These symptoms ,and more, indicate that you may be one of the estimated 75% of adults who are dehydrated. But what can you do to up your hydration game? And is drinking  water the only solution?

In short-No. New studies are finding that the H2o you get from eating certain foods may be more hydrating than the H2O that you drink. This means that while it is still important to drink water, you should try to eat more fruits and vegetables. Most plants have a high water content-between 80% and 90%- but some offer more hydration benefits than others. These include zucchini, lettuce, radish, etc. If you’re looking for an easy and tasty way to ingest more plants, throw them into a smoothie! Try google searching recipes or copy-catting recipes you see in restaurants and cafes. 

Another tip for increasing your body’s ability to stay hydrated is to get moving. By exercising and increasing the amount of moderate movements that you make throughout the day (such as foot tapping and head turning) you help ensure that the water you consume is better distributed throughout your body. 

To increase your liquid water intake, set alarms on your phone reminding you to drink. Or, consider carrying a re-usable water bottle around with you so that you are never without H2o. 

Source- Cohen, Dana G., BottomLine Health, “Better Than Water! Surprisingly Effective Ways to Stay Properly Hydrated.” 2018, August.