Therapist Spotlight: Betsy McCormick

When passion met curiosity, Betsy knew she had found her calling. According to Betsy, “I enjoy the complexity of how a human brain works (and) the uncharted territory of healthcare and neuroscience.” Wanting to contribute to a field that she was fascinated by, Betsy attended the University of Rhode Island for her Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She then earned a Board Certification in Neurologic therapy in addition to becoming a Certified Brain Injury Specialist and an LSVT BIG Certified Clinician. 

Betsy says that patients who come to see her, “can expect an energy filled experience with a bit of humor mixed in.” She enjoys getting to know her patients by engaging in games such as “would you rather” and by discovering “what they are most excited about in life.”  She feels that this, combined with her thirst for staying up to date with the latest therapy research, allows her to get patients better faster. More than this, Betsy likes teaching patients about the basic science of their bodies so that they can help themselves lead more functional lives even when they are not in therapy.

Betsy recalls one patient who came to see her after surviving a stroke. The patient had been unable to walk, however, after just a few treatment sessions they took their first steps in months. The patient was assisted while walking, but she took pride in helping them to feel more like themselves again.  This is just one example of how Betsy utilizes her strong educational background and ability to connect with her patients to help them achieve their goals. 

Outside of work, Betsy leads an active lifestyle. She loves running, hiking, and spending time with her two young children, both girls.

Betsy currently treats at our Neuro Rehab Clinic on 8th Avenue in Bethlehem. To schedule an appointment with her, call 484-526-4781.