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How do we measure patient outcomes?
Physical Therapy at St. Luke's utilizes FOTO (Focus on Therapeutic Outcomes) as a web based patient assessment system to monitor patient progress and outcomes. FOTO uses three primary functional status measures for patients:
  • Initial Functional Status - Upon evaluation, you will complete a functional survey specific to the body part for which you are seeking treatment. From the responses to the survey, your functional status score is calculated. This would take your subjective reports of function and make it an objective number that will make it easier for your therapist to track your progress.
  • Predicted Goal Status - FOTO uses 10 risk-adjustment factors, ensuring the predictions FOTO makes are reflective of your characteristics. This makes the survey more accurate and precise when comparing your progress to other offices nationally.
  • Discharge Functional Status - You would complete surveys as needed throughout treatment and a survey on your last visit to track the improvement of your function. Your amount of change is compared to national predictions from FOTO, which provide a measure of treatment effectiveness.
What It Means for Our Patients
  • Knowledge and expertise
  • Independent measurement of therapy treatment
  • Tracking progress
During your therapy, you will be asked to fill out brief questionnaires via FOTO. This allows your therapist to more accurately assess your condition for your first visit, and then continue to keep track of your progress along the way. 

FOTO is entirely confidential. FOTO must adhere to requirements set forth by HIPAA and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH), which means that your health records are kept confidential and safe.

Through this program, Physical Therapy at St. Luke's has also achieved Outcomes awards in excellence!