Aquatic Therapy

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Aquatic physical therapy provides the benefit of exercise with little or no stress on joints or muscles, and swimming ability is not required. The natural buoyancy of water reduces the natural forces exerted on our bodies which makes exercises easier to perform in comparison to land-based activities. The viscosity of water provides resistance for strength training, and the hydrostatic pressure helps to support the body and improves positional awareness providing a safe workout environment.

Aquatic physical therapy is designed to improve an individual's functioning, balance/coordination, body mechanics, flexibility, and/or muscle tone.

Our programs are developed by licensed physical therapists and are tailored to most conditions including:
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Arthritis
  • Cerebral Palsy
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Back & Joint Problems
  • General Deconditioning

Aquatic Physical Therapy is offered at the following locations:

Aquatic Pool
St. Luke's North, 153 Brodhead Road in Bethlehem
Kresgeville, West End: 614 Interchange Road (Rt. 209)

Watch Budd Coates, a Runner's World Coach and 4-time Olympic Marathon Trials Qualifier try out our Hydrotrack at Illick's Mill!

Learn about our Hydrotrack® Underwater Treadmill (PDF)