Blood Flow Restriction Therapy (BFR)

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What is it?

Blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy is a way to increase strength or endurance without stressing injured areas through the use of heavy loads or prolonged movement.  

How does it work?
  • BFR utilizes a specialized wide tourniquet at the top of the arms or legs to limit arterial flow and slow venous return.  The tourniquet pressure is determined by a special machine that assesses the minimal amount of pressure needed based on your individual blood pressure. 
  • The tourniquet system used for BFR training is designed to limit oxygen to the limb to generate a hypoxic event that leads to a cascade of chemical changes that are vital for muscle protein synthesis. BFR allows us to minimize muscle protein breakdown while still producing muscle protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth. 

Who can Benefit from it?

BFR therapy can be used by a wide variety of populations. It is often used by athletes both amateur and professional, and can be beneficial for patients who have failed to respond to traditional strengthening techniques. 

Locations offered:
Allentown- West End
501 Cetronia Rd., Suite 145

Bethlehem-Sports Medicine and Rehab Center 
1441 Schoenersville Rd.
2301 Cherry Ln.

2550 Route 100, Suite 120

Check out our patient testimonials!
BFR was the quick answer I was looking for. It felt weird at first, but with BFR I was able to begin throwing again with less pain and in 2 short weeks I was putting more velocity on the ball then I had been in months. I had struggled with endurance and with BFR I was able to build up strength in a short amount of time without pain. Thanks to my rehab and BFR training I am starting at 2b in NCAA super regionals!
Kaela K. - Bethlehem - Sports Medicine and Rehab Center