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Originating from Norway in the early 1990’s, Redcord Suspension System utilizes an anti-gravity suspension system and sling based exercises with a focus on neuromuscular activation (NEURAC). NEURAC aims to restore functional movement patterns by utilizing bungee assisted suspension exercises in order to allow for isolated and controlled movements with a focus on reversing the pain cycle. 

Goals of Redcord Suspension System:
-    Eliminate or reduce pain
-    Optimize neuromuscular control
-    Restore normal range of motion
-    Enable the patient to tolerate exercise and physical therapy
Common conditions treated with Redcord Suspension System:
-    Lower back pain
-    Sciatica
-    Neck pain
-    Whip lash injury
-    Shoulder impingement syndrome
-    Rotator cuff tears
-    Bursitis (including hip or shoulder)
-    ACL reconstruction
-    Heel Pain
-    Joint replacements (including knee or hip)
-    Balance and gait dysfunction
-    Parkinson’s
-    Multiple Sclerosis
-    Spinal cord Injury
-    Tendinitis/Tendinopathy 

Redcord Suspension System is currently offered at our Hellertown, and Washington, New Jersey offices.

Meet our Clinicians Below!
I can not say enough about being able to utilize the Redcord Equipment! I do not believe I could have achieved the results I did with just regular therapy as fast as I did (with Redcord).
Cindy - Washington
After working with you and the Redcord for a few short weeks, not only did my knee and shoulder regain their strength and function, but my whole body became stronger and more balanced
Sonia, 2018 - Washington