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What is it?
Blood flow restriction (BFR) therapy is a way to increase strength or endurance with light weight or slow movement. If you are injured, using BFR can help increase strength or endurance without stressing the injured area with heavy loads or prolonged movement.  

BFR utilizes a specialized wide tourniquet at the top of the arms or legs to limit arterial flow and slow venous return.  The tourniquet pressure is determined by a special machine that assesses the minimal amount of pressure needed based on your individual blood pressure. 

How does it work?
Research has shown us that high intensity strength training and blood flow restriction training can produce equivalent results with very different training loads.  

Traditional Strength Training: 
According to research, traditional strength training must occur at > 65% of a one repetition maximum (1RM) for strength or hypertrophy improvement.  This load typically results in damage to the muscle matrix which triggers an inflammatory response and a cascade of chemical events that are vital for muscle protein synthesis. 

Muscle Growth =
Muscle Protein Synthesis – Muscle Protein Breakdown

Blood Flow Restriction Therapy: 
According to research, blood flow restriction training can occur with loads as low as 20% of a one repetition maximum (1RM) for strength or hypertrophy improvement.  The tourniquet system used for BFR training is designed to limit oxygen to the limb to generate a hypoxic event that leads to a cascade of chemical changes that are vital for muscle protein synthesis. BFR allows us to minimize muscle protein breakdown while still producing muscle protein synthesis and therefore muscle growth. 

Why Use it?
If you are injured you may not be able to load your injured area sufficiently to stimulate muscle growth. With blood flow restriction training you can utilize light loads to stimulate muscle growth while still protecting the damaged tissue.    

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