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Dartfish Video Motion Analysis
To identify the movement patterns causing pain in our patients, we capture frame-by-frame video stills of various movements using Dartfish Motion Analysis technology. The technology enables us to record and measure critical angles and motions during sports activity. It then provides instant feedback that pinpoints the root causes of pain.

With our team of expert therapists and the Dartfish Motion Analysis technology, we offer a competitive and important advantage in movement analysis.
The Dartfish Motion Analysis system is easily portable to schools and colleges across the Lehigh Valley. Coaches of all sports are encouraged to work the staff at Physical Therapy at St. Luke's to analyze and assess their athletes' individual motions.
Video Motion Analysis is available at the following locations:

Bethlehem- St. Luke's North
153 Brodhead Road

Bethlehem- Illick's Mill
1174 Illick's Mill Road

1534 Park Avenue, Suite 110