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Physical Therapy and a Cancer Diagnosis

A cancer diagnosis can mean a multitude of treatments that may cause physical impairments. Gait, balance, fatigue, limited range of motion and reduced strength as well as a swelling (known as lymphedema) can all occur due to chemotherapy, radiation and surgical lymph node removal. 

Cancer rehabilitation specialists are specially trained in the latest surgeries and treatments specifically related to a cancer diagnosis. 

At Physical Therapy at St. Luke's we have several specially trained physical therapists who see patients prior to surgery so that baseline measurements can be taken and a home exercise program can be established. Once your surgery is complete we can help you regain mobility and prepare for radiation treatment. Our physical therapists can help tailor a program to your needs and supervise you during your workouts to address any issues that may occur. When treatments are complete we can help you return to regular activities. 

Our team of certified, specialty trained clinicians are ready to help you not only survive, but thrive.

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Everyone at St Luke's Physical Therapy was extremely nice and welcoming. Jeff was instructive, easy to talk to and seemed to genuinely care about me as a patient. I am thankful I received the help I needed to manage my lymphedema and lipedema. I highly recommend St Luke's Physical Therapy. Thank you!
Valerie R - Macungie