Upper Extremity Fellowship graduates
Quotes from graduates:
“Receiving one-on-one mentorship and guidance from faculty members holding advanced certifications in hand therapy, from both Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy disciplines, has significantly boosted my confidence and proficiency as a clinician. This experience has equipped me with the specialized testing expertise, comprehensive clinical knowledge, and a hands-on skill set, allowing me to deliver tailored and effective care to my patients. The field of hand therapy can be challenging, but the supportive learning environment and practical experience at Physical Therapy at St. Luke’s have been invaluable to my professional growth.”

Lauren Sullivan, OTR/L 

“Over the past few months I have learned a tremendous amount and have benefit great from their [Upper Extremity Fellowship faculty] time with me. I feel so much more confident as a clinician and have learned many valuable skills that I will utilize for the rest of my career as a hand therapist. I am grateful and feel privileged to have been given the opportunity.”

Bradley Hess, OTR/L