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Our Mission:
The mission of St. Luke's University Health Network Neurologic Residency program is to develop experts in the field of neurologic physical therapy to ensure patients within our community have access to the highest quality, patient-centered care to achieve their best level of community participation and functional mobility.

Program Outline:
  • 12 months beginning in June
  • Access to Neurologic consortium for curriculum and onsite faculty led classes
  • Patient care time: 25% outpatient, 25% inpatient, and 50% elective
  • Full time benefits and competitive salary
  • Weekly interprofessional experiential learning activities
  • Weekly 1:1 mentoring
  • Full residency tuition reimbursement available

Program Stats- Awaiting graduation of first cohort:
- Completion rate
- Program Program retention rate
- Graduates took ABPTS Board Certification Exam in Neurology
- % of all Graduates have chosen to stay at St. Luke's after graduation
- % of all Graduates are in leadership roles

St. Luke's University Health Network is a regional medical health network. Within the health system there are several outpatient neurologic rehab speciality sites in which residents will practice. Additionally there are acute rehabilitation hospital locations connected to the larger acute hospitals in which residents will complete their inpatient practice. As part of the interprofressional experiential learning activities, residents will have the opportunity to observe through the continuum of care in a variety of specialties within the health network. The impressive medical library has research and small group study rooms, and access to a vast number of online and physical resources.