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I would like to say something about my physical therapist Will Updegrove, PT, DPT. Without him I would not be where I am at today. He says I did all the work, but I say if it was not for him, I would not be at my level of strength or range of motion. I will always give him a 10.
Michael E. -
The women who help my son are the greatest people I have had the pleasure to meet. They show me how to help him at home. He is getting amazing results that I didn't think could happen as fast as it is. And I have seen many others in here being helped and moving forward with their therapies that parents couldn't believe also. If your child needs help with sensory issues, problems with physical limitations or eating therapy, I wouldn't hesitate to come here for help.
I have used this facility several times after surgeries for illnesses or injuries. It is the best in the Lehigh Valley. The people are great! They are very knowledgeable and they really motivate you to achieve the best possible outcomes whatever your condition might be. HIGHLY recommended!
Stephen F. -
I am feeling so much better! I feel more flexible and have no pain! I was so impressed with all of my services, and Adam was especially awesome.
Christina P. -
I have had nothing but good exceptional experiences here. The therapists always have my best interest. They have helped me come a long way especially when I was at my worst. I have had the best therapists including Sharon, Melody, and Amy! They stood by my side throughout my whole rehab experience, even when I wanted to quit. They are amazing. I will always recommend and go to this facility. Thank you!
Warren K. -
Staff has always been very engaging and made me feel welcome. their guidance in this journey to recovery has been crucial and effective!
All staff were very kind and friendly. The facility is very close to my home, so it was very convenient to get to my appointments. I would definitely recommend Physical Therapy at St. Luke's as place to receive excellent care!
Very satisfied with my therapist Alyssa Fuentes and with the therapy offered. Very accommodating, good listener, and helpful for moving forward.
Rosemarie S, -
I could not be more pleased with the professionalism of the entire staff at St. Luke's North. Utterly delightful experience. Sharon Ernst is so knowledgeable and talented. She really listens to her patients and asks pointer questions to thoroughly assess, adjust and heal each injury in a highly effective program.
John O. -
I have been so impressed with the professionalism of all the staff. Jessy Gardner is in a class of his own. He healed me of my limited motion in my wrist. He is the magic man.
John O. -
This facility helped me with my back really well. I recommend it for anybody that has pain and needs help.
Amanda V. - Allentown - Hamilton St. Physical Therapy
Bri and everyone at this facility were extremely friendly, accommodating, and I can't thank you all enough for turning a terrible experience into a much more positive one.
Nicole D. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
Ashley was absolutely incredible. We truly appreciated all her time, energy, and passion to help ensure Bradyn was reaching his goals. She explained each tool and strategy thoroughly, so I was able to implement each tool at home. We truly believe Bradyn would not be where he is without Ashley's support and guidance.
Melissa R. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
Sara exceeded our expectations! My daughter really enjoyed PT at this location. We have and will continue to recommend therapy here. Thank you, Sara!
Jennifer C. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
Miss Alex is an excellent speech therapist, and I am thankful she works with both of my children. Miss Ashley is also a wonderful occupational therapist, and I appreciate her knowledge and enthusiasm!
Lauren H. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
Kristen & Christian are both skilled and are great working with RJ together. This center is great and inviting. I feel that working with speech and occupational therapy together has been helpful, and the strong partnership between Kristen & Christian shows when working with my son.
Stephanie S. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
Kirsten Truskowski and Alexandria Irr make therapy fun and memorable.
Lauri M. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
All the therapists and front desk staff are so great at their jobs, and we are so thankful that they are in our children's lives.
Amanda D. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
We are so happy at this facility! We tried an OT/PT office closer to home, but we came back here because my son connected so well with Miss Carissa. I always recommend this particular facility when I talk to other parents about our OT experience.
Julie B. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
The St. Luke's Pediatric Physical Therapy team has been exceptionally AMAZING throughout Peter's treatment. We truly appreciate ALL their hard work in Peter's life journey and cherish their impact forever! Miss Ashley G. and Miss Carissa S have been EXCEPTIONAL!! Great teamwork, St. Luke's Pediatric Physical Therapy team!
Francis A. - Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
All the therapists here are great and work hard to help your child achieve their goals. Parent partnership is the best medication to achieve your goals. It's a team effort.
- Allentown - Tilghman St. Pediatric Therapy
Great experience. Ashley and her student were fantastic. If I have my other knee replaced, I'll definitely return to St. Luke's PT. It's obvious why Dr. Kawadia recommended this practice so highly.
Diane C. - Allentown - West End Medical Center Physical Therapy
I found all aspects of my physical therapy to be exceptional! Howie and Karen provided for me and helped me through a program that has given me amazing results. They coached and guided me to throughout the process, and encouraged me to achieve my goals, which I have exceeded. Wouldn't change a thing!
Beth S. - Allentown - West End Medical Center Physical Therapy
I had the best experience coming to therapy! The staff here are very easy to work with, they all answer your questions, and are always trying their best to help the patients in any way possible. I appreciate all of the care I received here. Thank you for all that you do. If I ever need therapy again, I know where to go.
- Allentown - West End Medical Center Physical Therapy
Kelsey was amazing and accommodating with my various hip/back discomforts. She was able to adapt to the changing aches and pains that appeared over my 6 weeks of therapy. With the guidance she provided, I should continue to approve in regaining my mobility.
Diana D. - Allentown - West End Medical Center Physical Therapy
I am very satisfied with my PT, Ashley! She is very knowledgeable and pleasant. She kept me informed of my progress and always provided a challenge to help with my recovery!
Greg W. - Allentown - West End Medical Center Physical Therapy
I think the staff did an incredible job bringing me back to a better physical condition than when I first walked in their door with a walker then cane...I will return to this facility.
Bruce - Allentown - West End Medical Center Physical Therapy
Thank you for an excellent working relationship! You were helpful with scheduling times around my other commitments...I am quick to recommend this facility to others in this area because you do a first rate job.
Therise - Allentown - West End Medical Center Physical Therapy
Great family of support with kind, caring physical care.
Daniel C. - Belvidere Physical Therapy
Everyone was very professional and explained what was going on with myself and what plan they had in mind to help me.
- Bethlehem - 3rd & New
Melinda helped me with a very sensitive nerve issue and I am truly grateful!
- Bethlehem - 3rd & New
Lauren and Caroline were amazing to work with!
- Bethlehem - 3rd & New
Everything and everyone worked smoothly and efficiently to provide the best treatment. I never felt neglected, as the focus here is very much towards the patient and the patients needs. I'm very pleased with my therapy and learned so much! The staff is very pleasant also!
- Bethlehem - 3rd & New
Melinda is very knowledgeable and was able to diagnose my problem and assign exercises to help me fix the issue. Caroline is wonderful too. Both are very friendly and I looked forward to coming to my sessions!
- Bethlehem - 3rd & New
Amazing office and therapists! Lauren is wonderful and great at what she does!
- Bethlehem - 3rd & New
I came to see Kristen Topping after my PCP referred me to St. Luke's Neuro Rehab Center for what she believed to be positional vertigo. During my initial evaluation, Kristen coached me through months of dizziness. Kristen helped me understand what was going on and gave me the confidence and support I needed to start feeling better. Kristen and her team were able to accommodate my therapy virtually when I needed it.
Jacqueline R. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue Physical Therapy
Thank you for everything you have done with for my daughter! Jessica has truly made a huge difference in her life and her confidence level when it comes to running and being able to breathe. We are so grateful to you all for what you have done and continue to do.
Stacey P. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue Physical Therapy
I am very blessed to come here to have wonderful people help me get back to feel like myself again and feel safe again. Thank you ALL!
MaryBeth L. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue Physical Therapy
I'll be telling everyone how valuable this treatment is; everyone should be talking about it.
Melynda C. - Bethlehem - Illicks Mill Physical Therapy
"Started therapy here due to proximity to home and for prolonged neck issues. Staff is always respectful and show the utmost professionalism you could expect. Not only did I thrive and improve with exercises staff was always available to communicate issues, concerns or questions. This place is something else. 10 years in pain and immobility, I wish I had found this place sooner! Sherif and Kirk are amazing! Thank you so much."
William W. - Bethlehem - Illick's Mill Physical Therapy
Matt Johnson is a treasure. The perfect combination of expertise, compassion, and friendliness.
Nancy K. - Bethlehem - Sports Medicine and Rehab Center
I was hesitant this was going to work. I didn't want to do therapy...I did not want surgery. This was my last option. I am very happy with my results.
Jessica R. - Bethlehem - Sports Medicine and Rehab Center
I did all of sessions online with Greg Colvin. He helped me recover from ACL reconstruction last year. I reached out to him because I wanted to make sure I did not leave myself susceptible to possible future re-injury during the pandemic. The online sessions really helped me a lot. I was not sure how this was going to work initially but with Greg’s guidance, I feel more confident and I feel like I have a variety of exercises to help me prevent possible further injury.
Jaylin - Bethlehem - Sports Medicine and Rehab Center
You have helped so much with this whole thing and I am so grateful!! I feel very confident in everything and honestly have never felt stronger! I haven’t had any pain whatsoever with my daily workouts and cheer jumps etc. I really appreciate all you have done for me! Thank you again!
Gianna D. - Bethlehem - Sports Medicine and Rehab Center
This was my first experience with physical therapy and it was fantastic from start to finish. Matt was my primary therapist and he was amazing every step of the way in helping me build strength and function. I am grateful to St. Luke’s PT for working with me in person throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. You guys are true health care heroes in every sense!
Karen B. - Bethlehem - Sports Medicine and Rehab Center
Everyone at St Luke's Physical Therapy was extremely nice and welcoming. Jeff was instructive, easy to talk to and seemed to genuinely care about me as a patient. I am thankful I received the help I needed to manage my lymphedema and lipedema. I highly recommend St Luke's Physical Therapy. Thank you!
Valerie R. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Brittany is very knowledgeable and has great interpersonal skills. She is a great asset to St. Luke's Audiology!
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Elizabeth was fantastic with my son! She was patient and kept him engaged. Thank you!
Kimberly K. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
No one likes to get PT, but Chris & Josie have made this chore enjoyable. Even on my worst days, they have been nothing but supportive, and always know when to push me and when to give me a break. I have enjoyed the collaboration and look forward to continuing my recovery.
Renee K. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Abby is amazing! OT is excellent, most importantly, it helps! Patients should be consistent for best results. My favorite part of therapy is the education- Abby has done an excellent job of teaching me how to heal, avoid future problems, and how to use therapeutic techniques at home, too. I would recommend her services to anyone in need.
Taryn K. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
I had been to 2 Chiropractors, on a steroid regimen, used heat and ice treatments, etc., when I was given a script for PT. I thought it would be another treatment that would fail. I had severe headaches for about 3 months and it was really affecting my life. Nate's treatment protocol was exactly what I needed, it worked! I'm pain free from those awful headaches. Nate has my deepest gratitude.
Christine N. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Excellent, superior care given by my occupational therapist, Jessy. I can't say thank you enough for his expertise in this area of my hand. He deeply cares about his patients, and because of that, I knew I was in good hands. He was my coach and my cheerleader, which meant the world to me. Jessy tailor-made a treatment program for me, and because of him, I'm back to playing and teaching piano.
Terry B. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Josie and Chris are very friendly and are sure to put you at ease. Therapy can be intimidating, as many people are not aware of how it works. I have grown to appreciate the validity of therapy! Thanks so much!
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
I am very pleased with Jeff as my son's physical therapist. He is great with Nich, always listens to him as to how he is feeling, and any questions Nich or I may have.
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Jessy did a fantastic job creating exercises that met the needs of my injury. He was creative and engaged, giving me so many great suggestions to bring home. He is an asset to the team at North, making my experience both effective and pleasant.
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Our therapist is very kind and friendly. She makes it fun. My son loves coming to therapy.
Danielle P. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
I had a great experience, and best of all I learned exactly what I need to keep my back in good shape.
Carla O. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
I'm very comfortable at St. Luke's North. Everyone is knowledgeable, friendly, and accommodating. I feel my arthritis has been helped by the program I received. A+!!!
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Elizabeth Assande, Au.D., was exceptional. Very informative and kind.
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
I only have words of praise for the entire staff at this facility - from the secretaries to the exceptional therapists who are helping me on my recovery from rotator cuff surgery.
Donna H. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
They are amazing. They offer great care all the time and they always make me laugh, never a dull moment at St. Luke's North.
Allie - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Staff are the best I've ever encountered. Very knowledgeable and helpful. The therapy pool has given me new life and hope.
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Hillary Grimaldo and Darryl Christman were very courteous and friendly. Their knowledge and involvement made the therapy smoother and easier to handle. They are friendly and always willing to go the extra mile to provide answers to any questions about symptoms and your overall well-being.
- Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
I received excellent therapy from Sharon Marshall and Valerie Gillooly. The program they prescribed was very helpful. They were both very attentive to my needs and concerns.
Daniel P. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Jeff Hetrick and all of the staff at St. Luke's PT have been outstanding. I feel that I am getting excellent care that is going to significantly improve my knee, running, and quality of life.
Rush S. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
Dr. Hilderbrandt was awesome! She was professional, very kind, and explained every step. Initially, I felt nervous coming in, but Dr. H was awesome and I felt very safe and comfortable.
Linda L. - Bethlehem - St Lukes North Physical Therapy
You relieved my pain and taught me how to help manage it all on my own. Thank you!
Jason P, 8/7/19 - Bethlehem Township
What a great experience I had here! I felt the pain I was in was taken seriously and with great care. I will be forever grateful.
Brooke E. - Bethlehem Township Physical Therapy
I can't express my appreciation for my new life without back pain. The staff at Blakeslee are top notch, fun and knowledgeable. I can't thank them enough for changing my life. My home program will keep up my new pain free life!
- Blakeslee Physical Therapy
David was superb. Nothing could be better!
Albert L. - Blakeslee Physical Therapy
My therapist is always smiling and very pleasant. She is always explaining what she is working on and the purpose and goal.
Amy W. - Brodheadsville Physical Therapy
My experience with every St. Luke's facility has been exceptional. Thank you for your help getting my finger not to lock!
Patricia - Brodheadsville Physical Therapy
For the first time in a very long time, I am able to walk without pain in my knee. Never thought I would get there so quickly!
Jim L. - Center Valley Physical Therapy
You certainly know what you are doing. Every exercise was done for a reason.
Leslie S. - Center Valley Physical Therapy
"Sending a huge thank you for diagnosing my stuck fibula. One physician and three physical therapists over an 8-year period did not diagnose what Melissa did in the first 5-minutes of my evaluation. I almost gave up hope that I would be able to cycle at a reasonable level ever again. Because of Melissa's expertise, I am back cycling at the level I used to. She made a huge difference in my life, and has allowed me to reconnect with my cycling family and regain my physical and emotional health."
Mike M. - Center Valley Physical Therapy
It is one of the best physical therapy places I have been to. Excellent care and understanding of a patient, I would recommend to any person who needs a physical therapy recommendation.
- Clinton Physical Therapy
Peter was so knowledgeable, patient-centric and realistic on what I could achieve with my limited time. He guided me through several simple exercises as well as provided hard copies of and online access to those exercises. We measured my progress and I noticed improvements. If I ever feel the same symptoms, I can now do those exercises that Pete taught me. I would go back to him!
- Clinton Physical Therapy
My experience was wonderful. I learned a great deal of exercises for strength and stretching that will be a part of my life.
Stephanie C. - Clinton Physical Therapy
Ashley was knowledgeable, professional, and helped me get much better over the past 6 weeks.
Jim. - Clinton Physical Therapy
I've been here before for therapy and I like coming. My therapist was very good and knowledgeable and staff is very pleasant and accommodating
Linda K. - Easton - Anderson Campus Physical Therapy
Ines and Kristi were amazing! They answered all of my questions and always made me feel better after each visit. I'm beyond thankful!
- Easton - Forks Township Physical Therapy
Shannon is awesome! I wouldn't have my strength back if it wasn't for her.
Brenda G. - Easton - Forks Township Physical Therapy
I honestly had a wonderful experience with Shannon! The environment was lively and light, and everyone seemed to want to be there. Great therapy!
Kevin S. - Easton - Forks Township Physical Therapy
My therapist, Ron, and the physical therapist assistant, Reagan, are the absolute best! The staff at the front desk are wonderful too! I could not have asked for a better place to be taken care of for my physical therapy. This location is excellent all around!
Sally U. - Easton - Forks Township Physical Therapy
Put in an honest effort and the talented therapists will give you what you need to improve. There are great people here who make your therapy sessions challenging and worthwhile.
Harry D. - Easton - Palmer Township Physical Therapy
I can't think of any way that you could better accommodate. This is my second time at this location and I sincerely am pleased with both the physical treatment and the kind and very friendly people who worked with me.
- Easton - Palmer Township Physical Therapy
My PT's were/are knowledgeable and compassionate. They communicate well with each other regarding my care. I appreciate their time.
Tanya G. - Easton - Palmer Township Physical Therapy
The care I received was above and beyond what I could have expected. They were able to get me several appointments in a very short time frame.
Sarah - Easton - Palmer Township Physical Therapy
Both Therapists were WONDERFUL!! Bladder leakage was negatively impacting many parts of my life-work, social events and intimacy. The therapists provided me with tools to take back control. I am so very thankful for their professionalism, care and knowledge to get me back to where I feel confident again! I would highly recommend both PTs to friends and family.
- Easton - Palmer Township Physical Therapy
Everyone at your facility was polite and personable. Special thanks to Patrick for his patience, and helping me to gain strength and confidence. I am continuing my daily exercises; they have really helped a lot. Thank you!
Sharon M. - Emmaus Physical Therapy
The staff is very personable and make being at physical therapy fun.
Makenzie - Emmaus Physical Therapy
Matt Kosar did a great job with working on me to help make my hip gain strength, flexibility, and an overall better feeling!
Andrew - Fogelsville Physical Therapy
Excellent care. Front desk extremely helpful. Matt is very patient and very knowledgeable. I am very thankful for everyone's help.
Penny - Fogelsville Physical Therapy
Alyssa has been wonderful! She's very friendly, patient, and efficient. Plus, this location is great! It provides a safe and private environment for our son to attend his sessions. I would recommend this location for all children.
Karen G. - Fogelsville Physical Therapy
"I cannot say enough good things about my physical therapist, Lucas Yourey. He was able to see me same day, which is pretty unheard of. He found immediate relief for my symptoms, after extensive examination. On my second visit, he was able to pinpoint another ongoing situation I brought to his attention. This man is wonderful! Not only does he have a great personality, but he has answer to the problems that occur in our everyday lives."
Sue W. - Hamburg Physical Therapy
This was my first time needing physical therapy and I was so impressed with the entire staff! Everyone is so friendly and helpful! I’m going to miss them and I will definitely recommend St. Luke’s to all my friends !!!
Melissa K. - Hamburg Physical Therapy
"The progress I've made far exceeds my expectations. Very sad that my time at St. Luke's PT is coming to an end, even though it means that we've met our goal. Every appointment with Dorothy is worthwhile, not to mention fun. I've grown stronger and more confident from my time here. Learning to walk again is no small feat! So thankful!!"
Lars C. - Hellertown Physical Therapy
I enjoyed my time here. My therapist was excellent and she really helped me get where I needed to be. She was very informative and professional.
Janet B. - Hellertown Physical Therapy
I did my therapy in Hellertown. The RedCord was used in my treatment. I found it extremely beneficial. It is helpful in stretching, strengthening, and range of motion. There are so many ways it can be used. So glad I had the chance to use it.
Joan W. - Hellertown Physical Therapy
I have felt concern and support from my first phone call. I feel much stronger and more capable in continuing my lifestyle and driving
Marlene - Hellertown Physical Therapy
I came here after recovering from a broken femur with rods in my leg. I remember I could only lift my leg about an inch off of the table. Now I can lift my leg over my head. I started with a walker then moved to a cane and now I can walk with nothing. It's been truly amazing. I never thought I'd get to this point.
Don S. - Hellertown Physical Therapy
I am an avid golfer and didn’t think I'd be able to get back to golfing. Quintin started me with swinging a golf club. This has been very successful. I am looking forward to returning to golf this spring. Also, Quintin has always provided a positive attitude that has affected my recovery immensely. I would highly recommend physical therapy at St Luke's. Put the time in, commit, and you will improve.
Don S. - Hellertown Physical Therapy
Staff was great and the physical therapy itself was extremely beneficial. Would definitely recommend!
Nathan R. - Hometown Physical Therapy
I have been in physical therapy at this location for the past three years and have had experience with all employees. Extremely accommodating with appointments and any requests. I felt comfortable being here. Colleen has gone above and beyond to do her job. Travis, Mary Jean, Kim and Rob have all gone above and beyond to help me, make me feel comfortable, and understand my injury. It has actually been a pleasure to come to therapy at this location.
Carla F. - Jim Thorpe Physical Therapy
Once again PT at West End was fabulous. I end my last day with "zero" pain and greatly improved balance. When I came my arms were black and blue from hitting doorways from lack of balance while walking. I end with no marks or bruises. My muscle tone and strength is improved. Thanks to all the staff, especially Melody and Chris. They were very knowledgeable, helpful, courteous, patient, and compassionate. Their smiles and joy made it easier to heal.
John C. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
Melissa was a very good therapist, She helped me immensely! When I first came in I had a lot of pain, now I have minimal pain and walk very well! I am so happy with my treatment!
Thomasina K. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
Mel, Amy, & Bob were wonderful! Very attentive and supportive. Provided excellent service and kindness. Mel went above & beyond to help me. I can't thank her enough!
Gwen G. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
Patricia Posten was very professional & conscientious. It was a pleasure having her as my PT. Also, everyone from the receptionists on at the facility were very pleasant!
Barry F. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
I just want to say that everyone was so nice to me. Melissa never gave up on me, even when I said I couldn't do something. She gave me the confidence in myself to do it.
Irene J. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
I'm so happy I decided to begin pelvic floor therapy with Patti. The sessions with her made a huge difference for the issues I was having. She used effective stretches and techniques, and gave me the right tools and mindset to feel super confident in controlling bladder issues. In addition to the effective PT, Patti was super friendly and fun to talk to. I would highly recommend anyone struggling with pelvic floor issues to see Patti as soon as they can.
Josie M. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
Water therapy was extremely helpful for me! The staff is super knowledgeable. I enjoyed therapy and benefited from it. The staff was caring! Thanks to Melody, Melissa, Chris, Bob and Amy.
Virginia M. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
Patti Posten was awesome! She listened to me, she did everything she could to help me with my issues. Patti was very caring. I appreciate all the time she spent and all the techniques she tried to relieve my pain.
Cinda N. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
Great place, great people! Friendly, professional, and all around great!
Francis I. - Kresgeville Physical Therapy
It shows that you really care about us the patients. You take the time to listen to our concerns with what we feel is working and not working and that's a big help.
- Kresgeville Physical Therapy
I had PT six times prior and this was the best I EVER had. My therapist Melinda Walz was by far the best PT...she was professional and courteous and wasn't afraid to answer any questions I had. I wish there was an award for PT of the year; she should win it.
Wayne - Kutztown Physical Therapy
I have had the pleasure of Melinda assisting me pre and post knee replacement as well as assisting me with severe neck pain through direct access. We have achieved pain free, full mobility in the knee and my neck pain is remarkably reduced with enhanced flexibility. The therapy process has been very friendly, compassionate and caring. I would never hesitate to recommend Melinda to anyone looking for the very best physical therapy available.
Maynard - Kutztown Physical Therapy
I really enjoy physical therapy. It helps to reassure me that my body is healing and improving. I have been a frequent patient and each time I leave, I leave new and improved. I look forward to continuing my improvement and seeing where I can improve next.
Keelie - Kutztown Physical Therapy
Very helpful, friendly, and hard working!
Anon. - Lansford Physical Therapy
Keep up the great work at the Lehighton location.
Jay G. - Lehighton Physical Therapy
I have been through many PT sessions at many different PT centers. This PT experience ranks at the top of the list in many areas. Thoroughness, administrative, attention to my needs and friendliness.
Jim - Macungie Physical Therapy
From day #1 Joseph Farabaugh was kind and sensitive to me from helping me get even get into the Macungie location. I would recommend him and other memebers of your staff that helped me through my injury as PT's. From the staff at the front desk to everyone I met, I feel I need to say 'thank you!'
Earl M. - Macungie Physical Therapy
In my life I was always a little skeptical in regards to whether or not Physical Therapy actually works- after experiencing it first hand, all skepticism has been removed! Dylan Marks was nothing short of awesome! Thank you to the entire Physical Therapy at St. Luke's team!
- Macungie Physical Therapy
I had a blood clot in my left foot, which left nerve damage to my foot and dropped foot. The nerves were also damaged in my left hand. I was not able to feel or use 3 fingers. Through PT, I have gained usage of my left foot and usage of my left 3 fingers. I can now go fishing, kayaking and enjoy the outdoors. My main goal is to have complete usage of my left hand so I may play my guitar. With the help of PT, I know I will reach my goal. I want to thank everyone for helping me enjoy my retirement
Linda L. - Mahanoy City Physical Therapy
As a skeptical patient I was impressed and happy with the results. Jeremy is wonderful at explaining what is wrong, and how to improve my daily functions.
Jamie B. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
My experience with Stephen Betz and all the PT's I worked with was very positive! Stephen's experience, conscientiousness, extensive skills, and sense of humor were much appreciated. The entire staff was always friendly, welcoming, and helpful!
Anon - Nazareth Physical Therapy
Jamie was awesome! Very helpful, answered all my questions and concerns and inspired me to work harder on my exercise routine.
Brenda M. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
Seth and Meghan are fantastic! Every time I came in, I knew that I'd be taken care of. Thank you for the care and support you have given me.
Adam G. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
“I thoroughly enjoyed working with Seth and Meghan. From my pre surgery eval with Seth through the entire rehab process, they took the time to explain everything and really focus on my goals. Any time I had any questions or concerns, they listened and helped me to the next steps. I will truly miss them both. Great rehab experience!”
Kristen S. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
"Abigaile was a wonderful physical therapist to work with. She was kind, helpful, thorough, respectful and she gave ways to help me so that I could carry through to a home setting. This is so important in my healing process. Her professionalism and caring was something that I looked forward to- both are important! I enjoyed coming and working with her because I knew I was in good hands!"
Brandi W. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
PT was highly effective; especially appreciated was Abby's integrated approach to not only instructing but providing explanation of how exercises helped improve condition, and she provided a high degree of motivation. I'm very pleased with both the progression and progress I could achieve with Abby's guidance and would highly recommend this experience to others."
Pati K. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
This practice was fantastic to deal with. Alyssa was an awesome therapist and helps me get back on my bike. Being allowed to give input on goals made therapy more exciting and helped me feel involved in my care.
Jesse C. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
Alyssa was awesome in helping me to recover from my injury. She is very informative and knowledgeable.
Renee V. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
Abigale is a very professional, courteous, and skilled therapist. I felt comfortable during my appointments, and was impressed by the treatment plan I was given to do at home as well. I am grateful that I was assigned to Abigale- great job!
- Nazareth Physical Therapy
I had a fantastic experience at this facility while recovering from my ACL reconstruction surgery. Seth was great and really took the time to explain things to me and made sure I stayed on track with my protocol. Compared to my experiences at different PT clinics, the quality of care here is unmatched. Would highly recommend!
Madelyn C. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
Staff were excellent! Scheduling and check ins were easy, efficient, and quick. Steve Betz was amazing, very knowledgeable, and informative in teaching about body mechanics and anatomy! Appreciate the consistent care with the same staff and therapist every visit! It makes a tremendous difference!
Bianca R. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
I appreciate the attention that Abby Labar gave to the condition. She clearly explained her exercises and how it will directly address the injury. Very informative!
Gregory V. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
Steve Betz was awesome, kind, caring, listening, and helped me accelerate to having a pain-free experience.
- Nazareth Physical Therapy
Staff is very good. Jamie Bonavita is wonderful! A great teacher, a confidence builder, a knowledgeable therapist - just love her!
Christine O. - Nazareth Physical Therapy
We are very satisfied with how far our son has come with his progress. I've learned a lot alongside him so I can play a role in his progress. We are grateful for everything his therapist is doing!
Nicole N. - Nesquehoning Physical Therapy
The pediatric therapists here are amazing! Amber and team have a great knowledge base. They collaborated with our ortho team at CHOP seamlessly!
Tammy C. - Nesquehoning Physical Therapy
It's great how creative the therapists are with my child.
Anon. - Nesquehoning Physical Therapy
All of the therapists are friendly, and make you feel at home.
Theresa K. - New Tripoli Physical Therapy
Fantastic group. Made you feel welcome and really gave me the attention I needed.
Stephen - New Tripoli Physical Therapy
You are the best Harry! Vicki and Jenny are the perfect blend of caring staff mending us back to physical health! Thank you!
- New Tripoli Physical Therapy
Everyone at this facility was so easy to deal with and very professional in every aspect of what they do. From my first visit with Nikol, I was treated with care and respect!
Robert F. - Northampton Physical Therapy
3/4 of therapy is the patient's attitude, and I came into this with a "here we go again" attitude. Jesse was the first person who pinpointed my issues and put me through the paces doing the exercises and stretches I needed- which resolved my issues. I call him a genius! Forever grateful for his ability to get me moving in the right direction.
Cindi T. - Northampton Physical Therapy
Very professional, supportive, friendly. Always encouraging and extremely helpful through their comments and answering questions.
Janet - Northampton Physical Therapy
The staff/therapists are top notch. They explain the planned course of action and are very aware when they are pushing you to get to the next stage of improvement.
Michael - Orefield Physical Therapy
This campus is wonderful, pleasant and friendly. The staff is well trained and knows how to fix your issues as well as give you exercises to work on at home for continual improvement and healing.
Carol L. - Orefield Physical Therapy
You guys are awesome! I always recommend you whenever someone is looking for a PT. Thank you for all your help!
Courtney - Orefield Physical Therapy
This facility and staff are absolutely wonderful, knowledgeable, and go the extra mile to help. Always a friendly face with Karin at the door and the therapists Nick, Cody, Tom, Kristen, and Gail. They are never too busy to talk or help. My relationship with Nick and his staff is about 4 years long and I've never been disappointed. The decision to put a physical therapy in town was fabulous and I couldn't be happier. Thank you St, Luke's!!!
- Orefield Physical Therapy
"The most professional and comprehensive experience I have had in medicine. Nick has an exhaustive understanding of his field unmatched by other colleagues. He has solved one issue for me and I came back for a different one, which he is making quick work on, despite the issue confusing my orthopedist. I will never trust another PT (other than his wife who is also excellent!).
Jarrod K. - Orefield Physical Therapy
I would not be as far along with my complex recovery if it wasn't for the work at St. Luke's. I have always received top tier care from Nick, including research for a PT closer to where I live fulltime, his full attention for our one-hour sessions, and his dedication to helping me find a solution for my pain. I can't thank the St. Luke's team enough for all of their help!
Lia P. - Orefield Physical Therapy
I appreciate the patience and understanding. Loved the staff. Treated everyone with care. I have come here for years for several different issues and will not go anywhere else.
- Orwigsburg Physical Therapy
I appreciate the flexibility. The treatments have really helped. I will always come here. I have already referred several other friends.
- Orwigsburg Physical Therapy
I loved the staff. Worked well with me to help me get better. Very pleased with my success and progress!
- Orwigsburg Physical Therapy
I wish someone told me to do PT sooner for my leg weakness! I no longer have hip pain and I have regained some of what I lost after having mini strokes many years ago! I have been to PT a couple times in the last few years; this time was, BY FAR, my best experience with Physical Therapy! I NEVER dreaded coming to PT this time! Thank you for working around the things I couldn't do! THANK YOU for your positive, encouragement! Thank you for being so amazing!
Tiffany D. - Ottsville Physical Therapy
I have had 4x/week for 4 weeks of therapy at the Ottsville office with Brianna Gomez and it has been a great experience for me. The atmosphere of the center is fabulous; all workers are of the best. Me as a regular comedian at 81 years old had a great time and they kept my morale uplifted. As for the treatment with Brianna I would recommend her for all that are starting with Parkinson or other muscular problems. In closing I would thank everyone again for their professionalism and great care.
Hans V. - Ottsville Physical Therapy
I am very happy with my progress. Anytime I had difficulty, Adam figured out what was weak and helped me strengthen my leg, ankle and foot. I have recommended him to other people.
Caron F. - Palmerton Physical Therapy
Adam and Ginger are amazing and I am so thankful for their help. I’ll miss them.
Lisa R. - Palmerton Physical Therapy
I have been treated with the utmost care and concern for the pain. I've been taught how to care for that pain and have improved 100% in 3 weeks.
Diane - Pennsburg Physical Therapy
I had a fabulous experience. My headaches are finally gone. Everyone was kind and helpful; therapy was very successful in helping my issues.
Cheryl, 9/27/18 - Phillipsburg - Balance and Concussion Center
Appointments were easily available, convenient...Very supportive staff and very kind and professional
Ruth., 8/29/18 - Phillipsburg - Balance and Concussion Center
Everyone I worked with was very helpful. I enjoyed coming here...A big thank you to a great group of PT's.
Diane., 12/20/18 - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest Physical Therapy & Balance and Concussion Center
All involved were fantastic. I'm truly grateful to have a facility like this for my mom. Caring, dedicated people who encourage and support the patients/clients are great. Thank you.
Judy - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest Physical Therapy & Balance and Concussion Center
Eleri had a great experience at physical therapy. Therese was so helpful and easy to work with. She did such a great job explaining everything to us and always made Eleri feel comfortable.
Christine - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest Physical Therapy & Balance and Concussion Center
Josh was a blessing and helped me out so much. He was able to help me get neurology and ENT appointments sooner and gave me a lot of information about Bells' Palsy.
Marvin - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest Physical Therapy & Balance and Concussion Center
Staff all very helpful and sensitive to my needs as a patient, and got me through my recovery quickly. Georgia really knows what she's doing.
- Phillipsburg - Hillcrest Physical Therapy & Balance and Concussion Center
Great experience, Joel was amazing and always very helpful. He was so knowledgeable and enjoyed coming!
Donna P. - Quakertown Physical Therapy
I feel that I have progressed significantly in these past few weeks and look forward to treatment here. A very special thank you to each and everyone who has worked with me.
Gary - Quakertown Physical Therapy
After injuring my wrist, my physician prescribed a course of physical therapy. I met with my therapist (Shawn) at the appointed time who assessed my injury and discussed his course of treatment. I knew I was in good hands. I want to thank Shawn for his professionalism and kindness. As a healthcare professional, I can honestly say that they have set the bar high and are exceeding the standard.
Nick D. - Reading - Demoss Road
Shawn helped me to push forward in PT. When I thought it wasn’t getting better, he encouraged me. When I was discharged, I thought he hadn’t done his job, but he still encouraged me to be patient (my husband is still at PT). He was right, my pain is getting better and that it will take time, it takes 6 months to a year.
Gloria W. - Reading - Demoss Road
I have had physical therapy 6 times and this was the best experience I ever had.
Arthur - Stroudsburg Physical Therapy
Place is nice and people are wonderful. Good equipment. I have nothing but good things to say about St. Luke’s.
Anon. - Tannersville Physical Therapy
The service, ease of appointments is amazing! The knowledge given and variety of exercises ,many of which I can do at home, is great.
Lynne K. - Washington
Very happy with care that I received!
Anon. - West Penn Physical Therapy
Always accommodating and helpful.
Kayla W. - 12/9/2019 - Whitehall Pediatric Therapy
Hannah was an amazing therapist. She quietly bonded with my daughter, allowing a very personal and encouraging learning experience. Sophia definitely excelled in therapy and I believe a huge part of that was Hannah and her abilities!
Megan N. - 12/18/19 - Whitehall Pediatric Therapy
My child thrived in the care of the therapists. She achieved much more than I thought possible in the amount of time she spent there.
Ann B. - Whitehall Pediatric Therapy
The staff are always friendly and helpful, and the therapists are very knowledgeable and deeply care for all of their patients.
Michelle A. - Whitehall Pediatric Therapy
Alura is amazing! She is so knowledgeable and kind! She has paired exceptionally well with my daughter. I feel comfortable asking her any question or bringing up any concern. She is constantly adapting to my daughters challenges. She is incredible!
Jennifer B. - Whitehall Pediatric Therapy
Katie has been very patient and flexible in Nathaniel's therapy schedule. We had great communication. I could not have asked for anything more! The pandemic definitely impacted the effectiveness of his treatment, but that is by no means a reflection of Katie or the practice.
Abby M. - Whitehall Pediatric Therapy
All facility members were very kind and courteous during these trying times pandemic but before the pandemic started was a wonderful staff
Tammy U. - Wind Gap Physical Therapy