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Occupational therapy treatment helps people with physical, mental, or cognitive disorders develop, recover, and maintain daily living and work skills. Our licensed occupational therapists can help improve your function by guiding you to adapt to new ways of performing functions and aid in preventing future problems.

Occupational therapy may benefit patients with the following conditions:
  • Arthritis
  • ​Degenerative Disease
  • Dislocation
  • Fractures
  • Hand Injuries
  • Joint and Soft Tissue Injuries
  • Neurological Disorders
  • Work Injuries
  • Cancer
Hand Therapy Treatments
At Physical Therapy at St. Luke’s we have occupational therapists who specialize in hand therapy, a type of rehabilitation performed with patients who suffer from conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities. Our hand therapists offer you customized treatment plans and attentive care.

Our Hand Therapy Program Specializes in the Treatment of:
  • Tendon or Nerve Repair
  • Fracture Repair
  • Sprains and Strains
  • Joint Instability Arthritis
  • Pain-Related Syndromes
  • Trigger Finger
  • Crush Injuries
  • Conservative and Post-Operative Nerve Entrapment
    • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    • Cubital Tunnel Syndrome
    • Radial Tunnel
    • Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
  • Conservative and Post-Operative Tendon Injury
    • Tennis Elbow
    • Golfer's Elbow
    • De Quervain's Tenosynovitis

Neurological Occupational Therapy
Our therapists target the cognitive, behavioral, sensory, and motor processing systems that impact functionality for those experiencing impairments with the central nervous system. Our goal is to help patients achieve optimum function, mobility, and independence.

Please visit our Neuro Rehab page for more information.

Meet Our Therapists! 
Brittny Blaha MOT, OTR/L
Sasha Brown MS, OTR/L
Bethlehem- 8th Avenue
Shelby Brown MS, OTR/L
Whitehall Pediatrics
Evan Burns OTR/L
Phillipsburg- Hillcrest
Karen Buzzard OTR/L
Heather Dailey MOT, OTR/L
Natalie Dubose OTR/L
Stephanie Edwards MS,OTR/L
Peds: SLNorth Bethlehem
Ethan Eichhorst MS, OTR/L
Miner's Region
Adriana Fernandez MS, OTR/L
St. Luke's North Pediatrics- Bethlehem
Jessy Gardner MS, OTR/L
Bethlehem- St. Luke's North
Emily Gargiulo OTR/L
Phillipsburg- Hillcrest
Ashley Goyette MS, OTR/L
Peds: Tilghman
Briana Hapenovich MS, OTR/L, CBIS
Alura Hill MS, OTR/L
Peds: Whitehall
Christine Hoban OTR/L
Krista Kasebier MS, OTR/L
Kristina Kiner MS, OTR/L
Bethlehem- St. Luke's North
Lauren Kresge MS, OTR/L
Phillipsburg-Hillcrest & Wind Gap
Chris Latchford OTR/L, Clinical Coordinator of Hand Therapy
Jordan McAndrew MS, OTR/L
Peds: St. Luke's North & Whitehall
Anne Onusconich OTR/L
Phillipsburg- Hillcrest
Jennifer Orchulli MOT, OTR/L
Peds: SLNorth Bethlehem
Sarah Osmun OTD, OTR/L
Phillipsburg- Hillcrest
Molly Pantone MS, OTR/L
Bethlehem- 8th Avenue
Lindsey Pecha OTD, OTR/L
Peds: Nesquehoning
Rupal Patel MS, OTR/L
Lauren Showalter MS, OTR/L
Carissa Snelling MS,ORL/L,BCP
Neuro/Peds: Tilghman St. Allentown
Christine Sroka MOT, OTR/L
Brittany Stokes MS, OTR/L
Bethlehem- 8th Ave & Emmaus
Kristen Truskowski MS, OTR/L
Peds: Tilghman
Erin Verdon MS, OTR/L
Phillipsburg- Hillcrest
Abbigail Walsh OTD, OTR/L
St. Luke's North- Bethlehem
Nicole Wooldridge MS,OTR/L
Peds: Allentown and Bethlehem
St. Luke's Physical Therapy is excellent. Joan is caring, extremely professional, and competent.
9/19/18 - Bethlehem - St Lukes North