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Neurologic Rehab
Neurologic therapy helps to improve function if you are experiencing movement problems, memory, or cognitive problems, difficulty with communication and swallowing caused by disease or injury of the nervous system. Our multidisciplinary team will teach you how to understand your brain to body connections and what you need to do to get long-term health benefits. We will work with you and your family to help you understand your health condition and plan a rehabilitation program to improve your individuals needs and functional abilities. 

We provide:
  • Physical therapy treatments to help improve muscle tone and strength and range of motion to enhance functional mobility.
  • Occupational therapy to improve your performance in daily activities, arm and hand function, as well as visual perceptual skills.
  • Speech and communication services to assist patients with difficulty in communication and memory. 
Our therapists' expertise partnered with advanced technologies help patients achieve optimum functionality, mobility, and independence.

Devices and equipment used:

Functional Tone Management with Saebo Flex and Saebo Reach             Bioness H200 and L300

Bioness Integrated Therapy System                                                           Vital Stim Plus

Biodex Balance System SD                                                                            SoloStep

Virtualis                                                                                                           Fitness to Drive

We offer the following neurologic rehab programs:
  • Long Covid Program
  • Cancer Program
  • MS Program
  • Concussion Program
  • POTS Program
  • Dizziness Program
I am very blessed to come here to have wonderful people help me get back to feel like myself again and feel safe again. Thank you ALL!
MaryBeth L. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue Physical Therapy
I came to see Kristen Topping after my PCP referred me to St. Luke's Neuro Rehab Center for what she believed to be positional vertigo. During my initial evaluation, Kristen coached me through months of dizziness. Kristen helped me understand what was going on and gave me the confidence and support I needed to start feeling better. Kristen and her team were able to accommodate my therapy virtually when I needed it.
Jacqueline R. - Bethlehem - Eighth Avenue Physical Therapy
Josh was a blessing and helped me out so much. He was able to help me get neurology and ENT appointments sooner and gave me a lot of information about Bells' Palsy.
Marvin - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest Physical Therapy & Balance and Concussion Center
Everyone I worked with was very helpful. I enjoyed coming here...A big thank you to a great group of PT's.
Diane., 12/20/18 - Phillipsburg - Hillcrest Physical Therapy & Balance and Concussion Center
I feel that I have progressed significantly in these past few weeks and look forward to treatment here. A very special thank you to each and everyone who has worked with me.
Gary - Quakertown Physical Therapy