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Read what our patients are saying about Virtual Therapy at Physical Therapy at St. Luke's!
“Words cannot express my sincere gratitude for the care of my therapist at St. Luke’s. By continuing the program during this uncertain time, this has allowed me to see progress in my healing and a much needed light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you for being here for me and all the patients who need these services. Again my deepest gratitude!!”
Anna O. -
"I had a bout of vertigo that simply would not get better on its own. I scheduled a Virtual Visit with the St. Luke’s Physical Therapy department, and was given an appointment on video call with Kristen. She was extremely professional, caring, patient, and most important of all, effective. She answered all my questions, and excellently communicated what I had to do."
"The virtual sessions are working well for me and provide an excellent alternative to being in person. It’s helpful to be able to have my therapy at home in between my work meetings. With the video session, I can see my therapist perform the exercise and he can see me perform the exercises and provide feedback - same as if I were in the office.”
"The process was easy to use and I am happy that I am able to get therapy in the comfort and safety of my own home."
"Alex, my PT, was very helpful in providing, demonstrating, and recommending appropriate exercises and stretches for me with the equipment I have at home. Alex followed up with emailing me the exercises we went over during the sessions so I could reference everything. He was able to answer all of my questions regarding my treatment plan. Telehealth was beneficial for me, in order to stay in contact with my physical therapist."
Karen -
Initially, I was very skeptical about virtual physical therapy. After my first virtual appointment, I realized how beneficial this could be! With an immediate need to figure out how I can achieve my needs and goals at home and lacking equipment, Greg C., my PT, was on point providing me with significant insight and demonstrations of creative exercises. Thanks to Greg's excellent communication skills and extensive PT background, I can continue to gain strength with the most effective exercises!