What is Telehealth?

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Modern technology has allowed physical therapists to consistently treat patients, without sacrificing quality or access. Providers and patients have found creative ways to continue to connect, despite physical distance. Telehealth is a broad term that describes the use of technological communicaiton to bring healthcare into your home! Typically, patients can receive care through a myriad of virtual options. Here at Physical Therapy at St. Luke's, we realize the importance of the continuity of your treatment plan to ensure that patients of all ages safely keep moving.

Virtual rehabiliatation, in the form of physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy, is only a mere click and touch away for patients! Physical Therapy at St. Luke's allows patients to regularly schedule virtual appointments through face-to-face communication via their smartphone, computer or telephone.

Whether you are a new or existing patient, Physical Therapy at St. Luke's is here to progress your current treatment plans, triage new pain or symptoms, or assist in developing an exercise program to prevent decline. We will continue to provide our patients with easily accessible, quality care to address your needs, no matter the distance thanks to Virtual Therapy!